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We integrate product security solutions into the display. Our solutions include phone, mp3 player, camera stands, multi-input alarms and sensors. Unobtrusive and affordable showcase protection.
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Security Solutions for Product Displays

Creative Displays has the solution when it comes to helping you find a way to secure your display cases and cabinets. The key to our success is the innovative way in which we integrate security into your displays, including phones, MP3, camera stands, and multi-input alarms and sensors.

Our simple single and double-input alarm systems can be used with a variety of sensors and cables, are unobtrusive and economical, and offer excellent security for your display cases. We stock a range of security products including sixteen input alarm controllers, a range of remote controls, detachers and multi-grips, swan alarm stands, accessories, and consumables, plus the Easy Lock system to protect your laptops, DVD players, and netbooks. Creative Displays can help you create a more secure environment to display your valuable merchandise.

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