Private Collector Glass Displaycases

Private Collector Finds Perfect Fit for Diecast Models

Looking for a sleek showcase design to display his collection of diecast models, this Auckland-based collector came upon Creative Displays. The private collector liked the classy look and slim design of the custom glass display cases with their unobtrusive frames, so he reached out to the sales team. He was pleasantly surprised by the flexibility and options that Creative Displays offers.

The project called for some very particular design elements to best show-off the collector’s items, make the most use of the space in the collector’s home, and prevent deterioration of the diecast models. The design needed to include specific shelf spacing in each of the shelving units, while maintaining a sleek finish that would not obstruct the view of the models. The collector also had specific design elements in mind for his displays such as having all componentry like hinges and door locks in a black finish to fit with the design aesthetic of his home.

To create the flawless displays, the design team was in close communication with the client throughout the entire process. Creative Displays drew on previous experience and the use of bespoke processes and technology that they have developed over many years. To meet the collector’s design requirements mirrored backs were only used on units that would be placed against walls to create the illusion of more space and powdercoating was added to compontenentry in house. Plastic co-extrusions (a plastic clip-in piece that runs around the frame with a soft rubber flap) were included to prevent dust accumulation, as were Creative Displays’ unique pivot hinges to further help mitigate deterioration. These hinges create a seal when closed and have a frame that is 30% narrower than competitors’. The end result of the narrow frames, according to Creative Displays’ CEO Rob Tollenar, is that, “it gives you a lot more visibility looking in [the display], and it looks less industrial than others on the market.”

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Custom tiny house Furniture

Tiny Home Case Study

Creative Displays are more than just your average retail display providers. Inventors at heart, they can take on any challenge including outfitting your home with design solutions that are efficient and beautiful. When Rob came to them with his tiny home project the challenge was to create a functional and comfortable space for him and his two young boys. This meant creating as much storage as possible, sleeping arrangements for all three, and a kitchen-to-dining-room solution that could fit into the smaller space without feeling cramped. In Rob’s words the goal was to “maximise storage, but minimise footprint as much as possible.”

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Milani Cosmetics Display Stand

Milani Cosmetics Display Stands

When leading US brand Milani Cosmetics began their transition from an online presence in New Zealand to a physical presence in thirty Farmers stores, Farmers recommended Creative Displays. The transition called for a mixture of pre-existing elements and new designs that presented their own challenges in the creation of the stand alone floor units. The displays also needed to meet Milani’s requirements alongside those of Farmers, including a fixed deadline for arrival in stores.

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Creative & Brave

Creative & Brave Shop Fit Out

Gene Kuhtze of Actovate shop fitters led the renovation of four Auckland retail stores for Creative & Brave. To attain high-quality, bespoke product displays for the stores, Gene approached Creative Displays. The architectural designs outlined a handful of different pieces including glass display cabinets and tables, sales counters, pin boards, and slatwall to display a range of artisanal designs and jewellery.

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Weta Workshop Lightboxes Case Study

Weta Workshop Unleashed Display

When Weta Workshop’s Ian Phillips was looking to open their new Weta Workshop Unleashed experience in Auckland, they were on the lookout for a multi-functional, and ideally unique retail store display. Known for their creativity, the priority was to find distinctive retail displays for the merchandising store at their newest Skycity precinct location. Having found Creative Displays via their web pages online, the Weta Workshop team was specifically interested because of the company’s bespoke work and obvious will to deliver focused customer solutions.

The Creative Displays team’s knowledge of custom displays and merchandising helped Weta Workshops find their Staktrak wall display system. After being introduced to the system through videos, Phillips was eager to use the flexible setup for the store’s retail displays, which knowingly needed to be adaptable, flexible and subject to consumer change.

Because of pre-existing displays from Weta Workshop’s past years of attending Comic-Con across the globe, the store design needed to fit with timber panelling of the existing cabinets and cases, while maintaining their unique feel. With the project being a fit out for a new space, the number of cases needed would evolve throughout the project. On top of these factors, the range of merchandise to be made available in the store was varied in size, shape, and style, calling for an equally wide range of displays.

A large part of Creative Displays team’s ability to overcome these challenges came through consistent communication with the client. It turned out to be their perfect fit because of its unique appearance and dynamic ability to change the arrangement of the displays in the span of minutes. In order to ensure the store had the right displays, the team started with a smaller number of displays and were able to efficiently produce more as the project evolved with the Weta Workshop team.

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