Custom tiny house Furniture

Tiny Home Case Study

Finding a design that would provide the family with enough sleeping space was a challenge that required a few iterations to get it just right. While an earlier design would have left Rob sleeping on the couch, the team at Creative Displays was able to find a solution that would fit all three in the bedroom comfortably. The final result was a single bunk bed over top of a double bed, leaving enough space to provide storage for the two boys down the side of each bed.

To create a truly homey living space the kitchen, which doubles as a dining room, needed some ingenuity. The basic amenities already included would make cooking for three cramped and complicated. So the design team came up with an adaptable design solution that expanded the cooking and storage areas. This allowed the space to become multifunctional, doubling as a place to sit and eat. To bring it all together and prevent cooking smells stifling the trio, a new type of extraction fan was added in the wall above the stove.

The tiny home design demonstrates Creative Displays’ ability to create a space that is not just functional, but also a delight to live in day in and day out. “The kids really enjoy it,” says Rob. “They call it the bat cave and they’re telling people we live in a secret hideout…”