Weta Workshop Lightboxes Case Study

The Creative Displays team’s knowledge of custom displays and merchandising helped Weta Workshops find their Staktrak wall display system. After being introduced to the system through videos, Phillips was eager to use the flexible setup for the store’s retail displays, which knowingly needed to be adaptable, flexible and subject to consumer change.

Because of pre-existing displays from Weta Workshop’s past years of attending Comic-Con across the globe, the store design needed to fit with timber panelling of the existing cabinets and cases, while maintaining their unique feel. With the project being a fit out for a new space, the number of cases needed would evolve throughout the project. On top of these factors, the range of merchandise to be made available in the store was varied in size, shape, and style, calling for an equally wide range of displays.

A large part of Creative Displays team’s ability to overcome these challenges came through consistent communication with the client. It turned out to be their perfect fit because of its unique appearance and dynamic ability to change the arrangement of the displays in the span of minutes. In order to ensure the store had the right displays, the team started with a smaller number of displays and were able to efficiently produce more as the project evolved with the Weta Workshop team.

The Staktrak display system was a key part of ensuring all the merchandise would fit into the space and look great for the grand opening, but also so it could evolve over time. The system allows for different shaped displays, boxes with rails for clothing, peg boards with moveable pegs for other hanging merchandise, and cabinets to store extra inventory. Two custom sword cases were also added to the store design along with some stunning glass cabinetry, a large exhibition case to display sculptures, custom glass jewellery cases and state of the art fabric lightboxes, featuring the very latest LED’s.

With no on-floor power outlets, the jewellery and sculpture cases required a specialised cabinet to sit on with batteries powerful enough to light the display all day (c.14hrs). Having created similar designs in the past, the Creative Displays’ team was able to draw on their previous experience to create a very effective solution and design.

Demonstrating Creative Displays’ innovative designs and knowledge in custom retail display: the end result is a unique looking and adaptable suite of cabinetry which can be seen at the Weta Workshop Unleashed experience at 88 Federal Street, Auckland.

Learn more about Staktrak here