Full Glass Double Showcase

Standard Specifications

• Approx. 1800mm H x 1000mm W x 500mm D

• Square or round frame in satin anodised finish

• White panel

• Lockable hinged doors

• 4 glass shelves

• Lighting (optional)


Personalise your display with the options below.

*Customisation options below can affect the final price

Premium Options

Sample range of premium options to better suit your products and environment

Glass and aluminium show case

Signage & Lighting

Personalise your display with lifestyle and brand logo imagery. You can also add illuminated light-box headers and downlight on glass shelves.


Understanding the basic structure and different options of upgrading to premium.

Panel Colour

Our standard colour is Arctic White, also we offer a large range of alternative panel colours.

Panel Finish

We offer a range of different panel textures to enhance the class of your display.

Please note, the finish for our standard white board is “embossed”. Any other finishes will be categorised as a premium option.

Frame Colour

Our standard aluminium finish is satin anodised.

We also offer a large range of alternative framing colours to be powder-coated. Please click our supplier’s website for more detail.