Staktrak Systems


Developed by Creative Displays, the Staktrak system really raises the game in flat wall display. It’s an integrated retail system combining merchandising, branding, marketing and lighting to create a seamless retail store theme. Used anywhere from front window, to any interior wall or freestanding fixture, it’s eye-catching and space efficient, giving you maximum display per m2 of retail space.


Staktrak can be tailored to suit any brand, product, or display purpose, plus it’s easy to install. See how it can work for you, below.

*Customisation options below can affect the final price


Personalise your display with lifestyle and brand logo imagery.


Understanding the basic structure and different options of upgrading to premium.

Solid cube colour

Our standard colour is ‘Arctic white’.

We also offer a large range of alternative panel colours.

Solid cube finish

We offer a range of different panel textures to enhance the class of your display.

Please note, the finish for our standard white board is “embossed”. Any other finishes will be categorised as a premium option.

Glass cube frame colour

All our standard aluminium is ‘satin anodised’.

We also offer a large range of alternative framing colours to be powder-coated. Please click here for more detail.


Easy installation

Staktrak Examples

Wall Storage System
Staktrak wall display