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We integrate product security solutions into the display. Our solutions include phone, mp3 player, camera stands, multi-input alarms and sensors. Unobtrusive and affordable showcase protection.
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Showcase Security

For additional security and peace of mind we stock an excellent range of showcase security products. Our simple double input alarms are the most economical yet successful answer to alarming your showcase. These alarms are tamper proof and unobtrusive, and can be positioned in, under or outside your showcase. Siren drivers can also be fitted if the alarm output is insufficient.

Showcase Alarm

Double Input Alarms

Simplicity itself, our Double input Alarm is the most economical and effective solution to showcase security.
For a showcase both inputs are used, a tower will only use one input. Alarm volume 95dB siren,  5 yr battery life. Reset with detacher HCDB102 


Remote control to reset Double input Alarm HCSD101


Simple Showcase Alarms

All Slimline showcases can be fitted with unobtrusive and highly effective tamper alarms.

Magnetic sensors are completely concealed in the glass doors and aluminium framing of the showcase. The alarm can be positioned in, under or outside the showcase. This option is completely powered by a long-life battery (~5yrs). 

The showcase alarm can also be integrated with other sensors connected to an Alarm Octopus (HCSD102).

To connect between the showcase sensors and the Alarm, Extension lead(s) HCSD321 are required.

Siren Drivers

If the alarm output is considered insufficient, a Siren Driver (HCSIREN) and 20Watt Siren (HC5C89) can be fitted. 

A 12V DC power supply is required to drive the siren. 

In case of loss of mains power, the Double input Alarm or Octopus Alarm will continue to function.


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