Creative & Brave

The glass display cabinets held the key design challenges. While the main priorities were to highlight the products and maintain security, the design also needed to include a drawer runner. In order to avoid security features interfering with the appearance of both the display and the products, the team created clever locking mechanisms that are tucked away neatly in a black negative detail area. Research and development experience with previous products helped the design team create a more functional and robust drawer runner that is built to last. While years of prototyping enabled the production of these designs in a way that suits the individual layout and design of each store.

Opening dates for the stores, including a location in the new Westfield mall, were close together for a tight set of deadlines. With last minute additions needed for some of the stores, proactive communication and the central location of Creative Displays’ Auckland factory helped in meeting these crucial deadlines.

Ultimately Gene’s shop fitting experience, in collaboration with Creative Displays’ expertise in custom design cabinetry, meant Creative & Brave owners could focus on other important aspects of their store openings with less stress.